Primary and Secondary Games

When you are a tabletop gamer, there are a lot of games that can draw your attention. I know personally, I have played Warhammer, 40k, Warmahordes, Underworlds, Infinity, X-Wing, Battlefleet Gothic, BloodBowl, Dystopian Wars, Guild Ball, Godtear, Malifaux, Marvel Crisis Protocol, HeroClix, Flames of War, and I’m sure there are a few more games.

When you start playing tabletop games, it is very important to figure out which of these games you want to spend the most time playing, painting, list building, and discussing. My primary game has two categories, the game I primarily play the most and the game I primarily love the most.

I think that as a tabletop gamer, your primary game should be a game that your meta plays a lot. This means that there are several players you can play with and that your meta loves to play! Usually you can tell when your meta loves a game because you will always have players asking to play a game. Currently our meta has switched to playing a tremendous amount of X-Wing 2.0!

I know this is one of my primary games because I can ask for a game almost any night of the week and someone will want to play! X-Wing also has a strong competitive scene. This is something that a lot of people in our meta have been craving for a while. X-Wing also plays quicker than a lot of other tabletop games. You can easily complete a game of X-Wing in 75 minutes. They have also created new factions, so there are now 6 factions for you to choose from in this tabletop game!

The other primary game that I love the most is Malifaux. This is a game that is also my primary game because the models are awesome, the gameplay is fun, and it is also a game that has a good tournament scene. This is a game that we do not have as many players in our meta, but I am always looking for a game!

The cool thing about Malifaux, is that you can play 100 games against the same opponent, but very rarely will you have a game that feels the same. There are so many variables that goes into playing Malifaux, each game is a unique experience!

I classify secondary games as a game that you play once in a while. This may be a game that you really enjoy, but it is your third or even fourth game. There are a couple of games that I want to play more, but they are just too far down the list for me. A Song of Ice and Fire and Infinity are the two games that I would classify as my secondary games.

So why are these two my secondary games? They both have great mechanics and gameplay and the models are amazing! Both games have unique mechanics as well. I love the side board in ASOIAF and I love the Urban Combat feel that you get in Infinity. Both games provide a Unique experience that you don’t get in other games.

You may be saying, well if you love those games so much, why are they your secondary games? First is obviously time! We only have so much time for gaming. You cannot possibly find enough time in the week to play 4 different minis games. The second reason these games are my secondary games are community. Unfortunately, these two games are not played that often by anyone in my area. It may be very difficult to find a game. Finally, you have to spend a lot of resources and time practicing your primary games. In order to play well, you have to practice! You have to get reps with your favorite crews, lists, and teams.

Everyone has their main games and their side games. You need to figure out which games you enjoy the most and want to spend your most time playing. There is nothing wrong with having primary and secondary games, but make sure that you are not trying to play too many games. You will end up spread thin, spending a lot of money, and being mediocre at several games.

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