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Patreon Malifaux Live Stream

Thursday 12/2/21 at 8:30pm EST, we are going to test out a live stream for our patrons. The link is crowdcast.io/e/patron-test-stream-for/register In the live stream we are going to test out the application crowd cast. There are a lot of cool features that we are going to test out for our patrons. We are alsoContinue reading “Patreon Malifaux Live Stream”

RQW Tactics Videos

We have some awesome news for the podcast. Not only are we doing monthly battle reports on our YouTube channel, but we are also starting to do tactics videos. You can see the first tactics video about the Bayou Starter below: Now I know what you’re thinking…. I don’t want to see only Bayou tactics!Continue reading “RQW Tactics Videos”

Halloween Tournament

Chris and I went to Gigabytes in Atlanta, Ga for a Malifaux Tournament. It was an 8 person tournament that was three rounds. There were 2 Guild, 1 Bayou, 1 Explorers Society, 2 Ten Thunderers, 1 Neverborn, and 1 Outcast. Round 1 Turf War Round 1 I played Mah v Mei Feng. It was cornerContinue reading “Halloween Tournament”

Streaming 10/21 8pm EST

Going to talk and paint Hoffman, Von Schill, and the metalurgist. So excited to talk and work on these models Come on the stream and ask questions and hang out!

Harl’e’faux on RQW

Episode 133 and 134, Pete talked with Chris and Courtney from the Harl’e’faux show. We had a bit of difficulty waking Courtney up, but he ended up joining us on the episodes. Episode 133, Pete and Chris talked about a lot of Bayou titles, Hoffman Inventor, Von Schill, Youko, and lots more. We really doContinue reading “Harl’e’faux on RQW”

Middle Earth tournament

Played an iron hills list lead by Thorin. Also had dain and balin. 5 goat riders 15 iron hills with.spears 15 with shields. Went 0-2. Had a blast and iron hills are cool. However definitely have some glaring holes. Goblins outnumbered me and killed my goats in one game… That made me sad. Enjoy theContinue reading “Middle Earth tournament”

Ophelia Overloaded

I wasn’t sure how much I was going to like the new Ophelia Overloaded title for Bayou. After playing two games with her, I can honestly say that I am a huge fan of this version of Ophelia. This Ophelia can put out some damage, but she is mostly a support master. In this quickContinue reading “Ophelia Overloaded”


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