About the RQW Crew

Rage Quit Wire- Origins…

Pete and Chris started the Rage Quit Wire Podcast to discuss tabletop games, but with a twist. The guys were tired of listening to the same boring podcasts talking about the same boring topics. They wanted to create a podcast that shared the rage! Pete and Chris started the podcast with a hand-held recorder, and they have worked their way up to a semi-legit podcast!

Have you ever thought that a model was broken? Have the dice gods ever betrayed you? Have you ever been cheated by an opponent? Then this is the Podcast for you!

The guys enjoy playing all sorts of Tabletop Games. They have played everything form Warhammer 40k to Infinity. They do a great job of going into their opinions and thoughts of all tabletop games. Be prepared for a fresh and unapologetic podcast about the nerd world!

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