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Roll Dice…. Throw Salt…

The Saltiest Podcast you’ve ever heard. Featuring the Gaming exploits of a few guys living in the Carolinas. Roll Dice, Throw Salt!

Chris Yuen

Rage Quit Wire- Episode 201- Guild in GG3 (Malifaux) Rage Quit Wire: A Tabletop Gaming Podcast

In this episode, Pete and Dixon talk to Brandon and Dimitry about the Guild faction and how they stand up in GG3. Each player talks about 2 masters that they like into each strategy and 1 master they would not take in the strategy.  At the end of the episode, we also take some time to talk about Tull and the Cavalier keyword. We discuss why it is so strong at the moment in GG3.  Follow us on twitter, discord, and YouTube.  Support us directly at or use our affiliation link
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