X-Wing DOA?

This is gonna be a big announcement from AMG. What are they going to do with all of these Star Wars Games? We have a huge group that just got into X-Wing! Let’s hope that there is a lot of good news in here. Be on the look out for an episode next week onContinue reading “X-Wing DOA?”

Primary and Secondary Games

When you are a tabletop gamer, there are a lot of games that can draw your attention. I know personally, I have played Warhammer, 40k, Warmahordes, Underworlds, Infinity, X-Wing, Battlefleet Gothic, BloodBowl, Dystopian Wars, Guild Ball, Godtear, Malifaux, Marvel Crisis Protocol, HeroClix, Flames of War, and I’m sure there are a few more games. WhenContinue reading “Primary and Secondary Games”

RQW BatRep Yan Lo vs Pandora

Pete and Chris played a game of Malifaux and recorded, let us know what you like, what we can improve on, and anything else you want to see in future battle reports! Details of the Scheme Pool and lists are below: Symbols of Authority (Flank Deployment) Breakthrough, Catch and Release, Spread them Out, Research Mission,Continue reading “RQW BatRep Yan Lo vs Pandora”

Rage Quit Wire- Episode 107- Control Deck Malifaux

In this episode, Pete and Leopard talk with Jeremy Peace about the Control Hand and Deck. When do we prefer to cheat? When to slam down the red joker? How to leverage your hand to win? Great conversation in this one! Also, be on the lookout for the launch of Ragequitwire.com. A website designed to helpContinue reading “Rage Quit Wire- Episode 107- Control Deck Malifaux”

Welcome to RageQuitWire.com!

Rage Quit Wire has created their own Website! This website is designed to provide nerds with tabletop gaming content! That’s it! Why do this? We want to create gaming content that does not get lost in your social media feed! We also want one page where you can access RQW Podcast, YouTube Channel, Tutorials, Modeling,Continue reading “Welcome to RageQuitWire.com!”

Become a Rage’O’holic!

If you want to support the podcast directly, consider becoming a Patron! Why do this? Your support helps us upgrade the podcast, YouTube channel, and other content created by the Rage Quit Wire crew. Patrons also get early access to early episodes, RQW Discord, and more! How Much to Support the Podcast? You can payContinue reading “Become a Rage’O’holic!”