Master of the Hot Takes

That’s right ladies and gentlemen! The master of the hot takes and original member of the Rage Quit Wire, Chris Yuen is back! With all of the new titles that are being introduced into Malifaux, this has intrigued Christ enough to come on and start playing Malifaux again. On our first YouTube Streaming event lastContinue reading “Master of the Hot Takes”

Faction Guides for Malifaux

Here are the faction guides recorded for Malifaux Neverborn Ten Thunders Guild Arcanists Outcasts Rezzers Bayou Explorer’s Society

Clock in Malifaux and Longshanks

Recently there was a Swampfiends episode about using a clock in Malifaux. I am not going to re-emphasize the points that they made there, but here are some links to Cody’s thoughts on the subject: Check the link to Swampfiend’s Clock episode HERE. There are a couple of reasons why I like using clocks inContinue reading “Clock in Malifaux and Longshanks”