RQW Tactics Videos

We have some awesome news for the podcast. Not only are we doing monthly battle reports on our YouTube channel, but we are also starting to do tactics videos. You can see the first tactics video about the Bayou Starter below:

Now I know what you’re thinking…. I don’t want to see only Bayou tactics! We are also doing tactics videos for other factions as well. The next video coming out this week will feature the Outcast starter box.

Core Box or Title Box Give Away!

We are putting out more content and growing the YouTube channel. You can check out our channel HERE. We are going to give away 2 Core Boxes or Title Boxes. When we hit 500 subscribers, we will randomly select a subscriber. We will send them the Core box or Title box of their choice. We are going to do the same thing when we hit 1000 subscribers. So there are two opportunities to win a box of your choice! Just make sure you subscribe to the channel and hit the bell to receive notifications of our new videos.

Thanks to our Patrons!

Our Patrons are awesome! They get episodes early, can reply directly to posts, get images of Pete’s recent games and paint jobs, and they get all of this for as little as $1! The Patrons of the RQW have enabled us to keep improving and adding to the podcast but now they are also helping us grow the YouTube channel. Consider supporting Rage Quit Wire as your favorite Tabletop and Malifaux content creator!

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