Halloween Tournament

Chris and I went to Gigabytes in Atlanta, Ga for a Malifaux Tournament. It was an 8 person tournament that was three rounds. There were 2 Guild, 1 Bayou, 1 Explorers Society, 2 Ten Thunderers, 1 Neverborn, and 1 Outcast.

Round 1 Turf War

Round 1 I played Mah v Mei Feng. It was corner deployment and I chose outflank and death beds. With Mah tucket and any crew, I think it is better to go with a more elite crew. Models that are harder to kill means it will be more difficult to neutralize your turf war markers. I brought Mah, Lass, 2 soulstone miners, gracie, burt, Emissary, and 2 bushwackers. Brian was super fun to play against. He brought Mei, forgling, Metal gamin, Metal golem, Willie, Mechanical Porkchop, Sparks and 2 survivors.

I have had a few people surprised at me choosing outflank. A lot of people do not like this scheme because it is easy to deny you the points. However, with Bushwackers starting at the midline and the deployment being corner, it is not convenient for my opponent in that situation to go after the bushwackers.

Brian rushed the Mech Porkchop to go after one of my bushwackers, so naturally I sent Gracie, Burt, and a Soulstone miner to ensure I could score one of my Outflank points. This allowed me to score one for Outflank. I also was able to score one point for death beds. I couldn’t manage to get a scheme down before killing a model, but I did get the second point for having two schemes next to two strategy markers at the end of the game. Finally, the Emissary was running flipping duty. It ran over models and markers and flipped the turf war markers. I ended up scoring all four for the strategy.

Brian ran the Bushwacker away from the corner by throwing Mei and a survivor at him. Mei destroyed Gracie. However, Mei was not able to get back to the center fight to support the rest of the crew. The golem, gamin, forgling and the other survivor ended up dying to Mah and her wrecking crew. Brian scored 2 for the strategy. Final score was 6 to 2 Bayou.

Round 2 Break the Line

In Round Two I ended up playing against Chris and his Explorers. Now Chris knew that I wanted to play Ulix in this pool. So he made a deal that he would not drop English Ivan. However, he decided to drop Nexus. Definitely not a good matchup still for Ulix. Unfortunately, Ulix cannot have more attrition than Nexus. The Beserker Husk factory and parasite tokens makes it very hard to hang in vs Cadmus. When you heal your pigs…. Ulix is really just healing Cadmus lol.

I brough Ulix, Penelope, 1 wild Boar, 1 Squealer, 1 hog whisperer, the sow, gracie, old major, and a piglet. Chris brought Nexus, 2 nests, archivist, meredith, Nightsilk creeper, Cryptologist, intrepid effigy, and a botanist.

I ended up taking Because of deployment I had to split my forces. I chose breakthrough and detonate charges. I really like detonate charges with Ulix because when his pigs die, they drop schemes. This makes it pretty easy to score both points for that scheme…. and I did. i also got both points for breakthrough because I was able to make piglets with the sow and whisperer to herd them into the deployment zone and score! I took control of one strategy marker and was able to score 2 points off of it.

However, the rest of my crew died. All I had were piglets the sow and a whisperer, with gracie guarding the deployment. I had nothing to stop Chris and the Cadmus machine. I ended up losing 8 to 6. He scored all four for the strategy and 2 for claim jump and 2 for research mission. I should have dropped Mah here, but I had fun running pigs around. The crew is awesome but definitely has bad matchups.

Round 3 Symbols of Authority

Final round I played Zipp v. Lucius. This was a better pool for Zipp for sure. It was flank deployment and I chose spread them out and catch and release. Lucius ended up taking spread them out, but not sure what the other scheme was.

I took Zipp, Earl, burt, gracie, 2 iron skeeters, Merris, First Mate. Lucius, Scribe, 2 lawyers, 1 executioner, agent 46, doppelgänger, and an investigator. This was a rough match for my opponent. I don’t think he was ready for how fast and hard hitting Zipps crew can be. The First Mate took care of Agent 46 and harassed the doppelgänger. The Iron Skeeters and Merris ran schemes and picked up symbols. One of the skeeters managed to get catch and release on agent 46 before he died.

This one ended up being 8 to 4 for Zipp. Lucius got 2 for symbols and 2 for the schemes that he took. When I play against Lucius I usually try to kill the obey pieces first ie the lawyers. Then I go for the scheme runners. Then I go and score my points. It worked this time and was happy to go 2-1 in the tournament.

We are recording about this event and matchups later this week. Be on the look out for that episode in a couple weeks.

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