Rage Quit and Harl’e’faux

In the latest episode of Rage Quit Wire, we had on Chris and Courtney from the Harl’e’faux podcast. They are notorious for having episodes that focus on keywords and how they work. Chris specifically usually likes to stay in keyword for most of his games.

While we were talking during the podcast, we talked about how most of the new titles for the masters focus specifically around the keyword. Meaning the abilities specifically say this keyword only. For example with Mecha MeeMaw she has drop down a hole trigger that can only be used on tricksy models.

This was a really interesting way for Wyrd to put some powerful effects in the game without breaking the bank. It is really powerful to drop a rooster rider down a hole to move it 9 inches up the board, but could you imagine dropping the first mate, Gracie, or a whiskey golem down the hole? Making sure that this ability only triggers with tricksy balances the ability. I also like this mindset because it rewards players for staying in keyword.

In the episode, we also talked how some of the masters play different, but we also mentioned how some of these masters are just strictly better than the first version of the master. I think this is going to be the case for a lot of masters like Wong. Wong 2 is going to be so much better than the original. To the point where you probably won’t see the original Wong anymore.

So let us know what masters you are excited for! Which masters do you think are going to be really good?

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