Ophelia Overloaded

I wasn’t sure how much I was going to like the new Ophelia Overloaded title for Bayou. After playing two games with her, I can honestly say that I am a huge fan of this version of Ophelia. This Ophelia can put out some damage, but she is mostly a support master. In this quick write up, I am going to give some quick feedback on how Ophelia and Sly played in the first two games.

Ophelia Overloaded can finally do the one thing that every Kin player wishes the original could have done…. Give out upgrades to other Kin models. “Hold These for Me” is great because it doesn’t require any of Ophelia’s actions to attach upgrades. Kin models within 2 inches of her or a Young LaCroix can attach upgrades by using a bonus action. They can use the upgrade and discard it and a card from your hand to gain a focus with “Gimme that back”. You can also gain a focus if you discard an upgrade to reduce damage as well. With Ophelia and 3 Young, you can make sure that your entire crew can get these upgrades and you can spread out. You don’t have to be bottled up.

So what does the new Ophelia’s activation look like? You do not want to activate Ophelia Overloaded unless you have 3 Kin Models in LoS with upgrades. The reason is that her bonus Raiding operation can discard upgrades in LoS of Ophelia to draw a card, drop scheme markers, summon a Young LaCroix (that’s a big deal), and heal a model 2 (even better). I have found that Ophelia’s actions are going to mostly be used to use trick shot. This is going to move models 3 inches and stuns enemy models. This is huge for missions like leylines and other Strats and Schemes dependent on positioning. The triggers on Trick shot are amazing. Ophelia can trigger good for a laugh to draw cards or she can plink a model for damage with ricochet.

Custom fire arm is okay, the damage track isn’t great at 2/4/5. However, it does let you do some damage and attach upgrades with a ram and stagger a model with a built in mask. Ophelia is going to give your opponent headaches when you declare her because she is so different from the original. The original is going to blast the hell out of you. Overloaded is going to set up the Kin crew to scheme and kill if necessary. This crew is way more mobile but still has killing power with Rami, Francois, and Raphael.

I wasn’t sure if I was going to like Sly in Kin. I can safely say after two games…. I like Sly a lot. Sly’s stats are not good, but with flinch to gain a shield when attached and a built in squeal trigger, he is going to survive out there. He also has a lot of ways to move to get out of trouble. Squeal will get him out of combat, he can move 2 if a model within 6 inches shoots. Finally, Sly can move 2 inches at the start of his activation if he is within 2 of the board edge. Sly is perfect to run down the board edge to run schemes for you. With false claim to put down schemes for any scheme, it’s huge. His triggers on false claim are insane. Sly can either drop a scheme marker with black market arms to have a Kin model take a shot. Sly can also sneak away. This lets Sly do a mini secret tunnel to blocking terrain within 8 inches. Free loot for his bonus action also helps him counter opposing scheme runners.

The best set up I’ve used for Sly so far is to run him down a flank with a Young LaCroix, Raphael, and a LaCroix Raider. Raphael ignores concealment to benefit from the Black Market Arms Trigger. The Young hangs out to give out upgrades. Finally, the raider is there to get upgrades and help Sly run Schemes.

Sly is perfect for breakthrough, spread them out, detonate charges, catch and release, outflank, research mission, and he is great into symbols and Vendetta and he is good with the loadstone for leylines.

Overall, I am very happy with the new Ophelia and Sly. In my first couple of games with Ophelia Overloaded, I have found myself using more of the actions on upgrades. This has put out a lot of fire and injured on my opponent. It has also been great to remove scheme markers that my opponents have dropped. Ophelia also helps keep your enforcers alive. She can heal 3 models a turn if necessary. This doesn’t seem like a big deal, but her enforcers definitely need it to help them stay alive. Also, don’t forget that you can discard an upgrade to reduce the damage by 1. This can also now help your enforcers stay alive. I can’t wait to play more Ophelia Overloaded! Highly recommend her to any Bayou player out there!

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