Foundry and Tricksy Titles!

Going to keep this article nice and short. We finally got a REAL Bayou Master! And it is Mecha Meemah! She is a huge model that is size 4! Mah is in a rocking chair and scrapped together a mechanical spider to ride into battle! She has a harpoon gun and a drill. Finally a master than can ignore armor! This helps out Bayou a ton!

I was very surprised how much I love the new Mei Fang! She is a foreman now and she is making sure the assembly line is running smooth! She is now a support master. She puts out shielded, summons metal gamins, and can heal and manipulate conditions on models including her metal workers. I played a game with her and it was super fun to play!

The Rock Hopper is a solid model that is going to help out Bayou by providing another model that ignores armor! It also can make an area of the board where your opponent cannot remove your markers! Get pumped and enjoy your new spoilers!

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