Here Lies Box

The more explorer society boxes I see, the more I love them! Luckily for me, my buddy Chris is getting into explorers. I can see these models without having to buy up another faction!

That being said, Wyrd was awesome enough to send another box of Malifaux stuff for us to use. This is the Here Lies box that is with the seeker keyword. This box comes with a grave goo and three of the moorwraiths.

These models are once again easy to put together! Wyrd has done a waaaaaaaaaay better job of making the kits, for the most part, in M3E simpler to assemble. This is great news because new players and players that struggle with assembly can easily get their models on the table.

The Grave goo will not only remind you of the gelatinous cube from D&D, but the model is very useful on the table. It is a beater that will punish your opponents as they approach Jedza and the Seeker crew.

I also hear that the moorwraiths aren’t as useless as once perceived. You can do a lot of shifty tricks with them, but be aware that they are very squishy. However, for four points, what else would you expect?

Give it Away…. Give it Away Now!

This box is going to be given away to a random person that writes a comment on this blog page. Just leave a comment with your favorite Seeker model! Me…. personally? I love the damned! That thing is a beast that really helps Seeker and Savage keywords!

We will pick a winner Friday August 6th.

Flip Cards… Flip Tables!

43 thoughts on “Here Lies Box

  1. I like The Damned too! I got him as a great addition to my SAVAGE crew, but now I’m tempted to add SEEKER. Jedza looks like a fun to play master.


  2. The Grave Goo, hands down. Give him Treasure Hunter and make him an even more effective control piece, Deadly Pursuit works well with Slippery and helps his 0″ engagement.

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  3. I love the Lamplighters. I even made lamp markers for them that look like lamp posts. 🙂
    …..of course now that I love them so much it is harder to flip the table and rage quit…… I still rage quit, I just don’t flip the table.


  4. My favorite Seeker model is Austera and Twigge, though the Vivi-looking lamplighter is a super close second. Every week I almost buy the Jedza box just on looks at my local store.


  5. Tried to comment from my phone and it glitched on me twice, so hopefully I haven’t just spammed your comments section, ha, but my favorite Seeker model is definitely Austera and Twigge. I’m tempted to get it just to use it as an alt in Guild for an austringer. Tough race between that and the Vivi-looking lamplighter, though. Every week at my LGS I stare at the Jedza box a while, and I’m sure one day I’ll walk in and say “I’m going to buy it … do you accept … CASH?!”


  6. Jedza is definitely my favorite seeker model. She has a great, unique design, and I love the flavor and lore of her character.


  7. The whole aesthetic of the Explorer Society is just amazing. I was a bit unsettled at the thought of a whole new faction but it’s been great. We just need the Gaining Grounds FAQ now for them!


  8. I’ve gotta go with Moorwraiths as my favorite model, the one with the leaf mustache in particular if I have to pick one but the whole keyword is packed with neat stuff.


  9. They are pretty great with Jedza because they are pretty tough to kill for 4 stones. Armor + Self-Shielded is great, and Jedza can always threaten to use Life Tokens.
    Or, you can take Hidden Martyrs and “accidently” leave them outside of Jedza’s bubble. Oh no!


  10. I’m just getting back into the game and really should focus on just one master…let alone one faction. But Twigge is an awesome model, as are the lamplighters and the bathysphere! And Ten Thunders…and the Guild…

    I’ve got a problem. :-\


  11. I really like the nests from Cadmus/nexus.. is that strange? Take a close look and they are soo creepy and detailed, also, their abilities are really mean!

    Otherwise, the moorwraiths are just amazing, love the one with the pathway going over the top


  12. I really love the nests, from Nexus/Cadmus
    Hear me out… They are super detailed and creepy when you look closer and as a mini, their abilities are naaasty

    Otherwise those moorwraiths.. the one with the road running over the top, they are beautiful


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