Play it Painted!

There are a lot of great benefits of enjoying tabletop games. One of those enjoyments I get is playing a game where all the models are painted. I have to admit, one of the positives about playing X-Wing is that you play a game with fully painted miniatures on both sides. Unfortunately, most tabletop games have to be assembled and/or painted. This can create a very dull and gray experience when one or both players play unpainted!

X-Wing 2.0, prepainted and ready to go!

There are a lot of great games out there with fantastic miniatures, Malifaux, ASOIAF, 40K, AoS, Godtear, even Zombiecide. However, all of these games include models that are not painted. Let’s just face it, tabletop games do not look impressive when the miniatures are not painted. I would also argue that unpainted models also creates a negative first impression on people that you are introducing to the game. If you are doing demos for new players, ensure that your models are painted. This will give your game a better cinematic feel and the results of the demo will be more fruitful.

Congratulations!!! You have convinced a new player to buy into your game! They are excited to play and excited to paint. However, their first model looks like shit. I have heard from many nerds who start dunking on a new player because their paint job sucks. Instead try doing the following:

  1. Praise the player for actually painting their models!
  2. Pick something out that you like about the painted model! This one can be difficult, but even if it is just “Hey my favorite color is red! That’s awesome!”
  3. Encourage them to continue painting!
  4. Then you can offer a suggestion, and make sure it is one suggestion. Such as, “You should try using a wash” or “Dry brushing is awesome! Give it a try!”

Like most things in life, try supplying a new painter with three positives and one improvement. If you just give a new player ten things they need to improve on, this can be very discouraging. Painting is infectious when the group encourages people to paint. However, when no one paints or there is a negative commentary on a player’s paint job, the whole group is going to play unpainted.

Be on the look out for future articles that give tips and tricks on how to paint your models quickly, efficiently, and to look good on the table!

2 thoughts on “Play it Painted!

  1. “Pick something out that you like about the painted model! This one can be difficult, but even if it is just ‘Hey my favorite color is red! That’s awesome!'” – that is key. If someone is showing you their painted work FIND A POSITIVE and tell them. If they want feedback on how to improve, they’ll ask for it.

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    1. I agree with you Craig, some of us have to learn how to read people better! “Hey check this model out” is looking for approval. “I’m not happy with the sword” is looking for feedback and advice.

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